The more I look back on my social life in high school, the more I seem to hate it. Don’t get me wrong, the first three years were great – making new friends, having innocent crushes and surviving the beep test. But now those cute memories are becoming overlooked by my first heartbreak, broken friendships and realising that I cared way too much about what others thought of me. A former friend (now a PICCLA – person I couldn’t care less about) once said ‘No offence Jenny but I always thought you were a push over’ like it was a fact everyone knew. Of course right there and then I should have slapped him and shouted ‘No kidding that’s offensive because you’re wrong!’ but instead, I blurted out ‘…ok.’books When my first boyfriend said ‘I think we should break up’, I replied ‘Well… it was nice while it lasted…’ instead of ‘ok but just so you know, you’ve hurt me, because I know you like someone else, I’m not stupid.’ Was I a coward or just too nice to say anything? Likely a bit of both back then. Now, I’m learning to stand up for myself when someone says something crappy about me.
Sometimes I am grateful that I didn’t shout the first thoughts that came into my head back when I was 15. Otherwise now, I would probably have lots of enemies and not just PICCLAs in my life. 😉

Until next time,

Little J. Infinity xx

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